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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rising sign fun: Gemini and Cancer rising

In this series, I am going to go through the rising signs. Our rising sign is a degree that is at the beginning of our first house. The sign that is at the beginning of our first house cusp is our rising sign. It represents our outward persona, sometimes a “mask”, our personality, our mannerisms, the way we present our self and dress ourselves, etc. It is how we react to outward stimuli. It is us on a regular basis.

GEMINI RISING: Of course, Gemini risings can come in many forms depending on Mercury, Gemini's ruler, and aspects to the Asc/planets in the 1st house. Gemini rising people like variety-- you might see them doing or being interested in a variety of things. You might think you finally get them, but realize they are so varied in what they like to do. Gemini rising people like to talk, whether they are shy or outgoing. ( And yes, there are Gem risings that like to talk ). They communicate well, but yet to the point and they can be disorderly at times.

Gemini risings are seen as cerebral and smart, but smart on a more "ADD" level. This is not to say they all have ADD. Gemini rising people like to know everything they are interested in. Think of them as "Jack of all trades, but master of none." However, every idea is as good as the next, and they may not spend a lot of time with an idea. Also, don't expect them to be emotional about their ideals or what they like to learn about, because everything is taken with a grain of salt. Unless other factors in the chart denote otherwise.
They are generally quick moving people, who are naturally active. Sometimes I think of Gemini rising people as the people who eat a lot, or snack a lot, but never seem to gain any weight. On the downside, they can be seen as superficial, overly restless, and flaky. Scorpio and Capricorn influenced people might find them unreliable.

Gemini rising, Mercury in the 1st house: This adds even more restlessness to the persona, especially with the mind. This person comes across as highly intelligent, but disorderly at times. Logical, yet messy. Generally good communication skills, especially in writing. Cerebral, love of learning esp a wide variety of things, and analytical. Good personality for a writer ( either fiction or non fiction ) or anyone wanting to do research, but the mind needs to settle on one field to specialize in.

Gemini rising, Mercury in the 2nd house: These Gemini rising people are interested in talking/writing about what they have and want. They have no problem communicating either in talking or writing about money. On the other side, this denotes a good sense of self worth and self esteem in these people. They might be more stable and orderly than some other Gemini risings, but of course they still have the fun little quirks! 2nd house is also a creative house. Gemini rising people might find some sort of creativity in their lives and add it to their everyday persona, whether it is interior decorating, money making schemes, creative writing, art, etc and can make it into cash.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 3rd house: Mercury is at "home" here. This is similar to Mercury in the 1st house as Mercury is strongly placed in the person's outward personality. Here, with Mercury in the 3rd house of education, learning, communication, short term travels, writing, speech, siblings, etc, these factors are strong in the person's personality.There is a love of education and learning, but the mind needs to settle on one specific field to specialize in. The person likes to learn EVERYTHING, but never really goes in depth. Also a great position for writing, much more than other Gemini rising positions, either in fiction writing or non-fiction writing depending on other Mercury aspects. The Gemini rising is extremely analytical and detail oriented,and this can be good to proofread papers. Good placement for either a lifetime student or a K-12 teacher. Generally, this person likes variety in his/her life in their hobbies and may enjoy doing some short term traveling for either fun or work.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 4th house: These Gemini risings are more private and introverted than most of them. That does not mean they retain less of the traits. There is still a love of moving around, being flexible, and rather seemingly logical. This could indicate an interest in learning about one's roots and genealogy. The person might want to go back centuries and learn about his/her ancestors. There is generally good relations with his/her family, but nothing is ever perfect.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 5th house: These Gemini risings are very self expressive ( i.e. they talk a lot ) and are a lot of fun, at least by most people's standards. Quiet people might find these types annoying, or rather fascinating. Breeds high creative potential and outlet. Good placement for fiction writing, or writing in general for fun and a hobby. These people have a WIDE variety of hobbies. You might find one Gem rising who is into football, but you might find him also interested in writing. Some of their hobbies are not related. At least when young, love affairs are taken somewhat lightly and the person tends to rationalize them. Emotions are not always on the top of the brain.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 6th house: Adds service/work to the persona. These people find that work, whether domestic or outside, is important to their lifestyle and personality. They have a good work ethic and are analytical, detail oriented and efficient in what they do. Writing and speech may be important in where they work.There might be an indication towards restlessness and anxiety. Sleeping habits may not be always normal, even if the person tries to regulate them. They might go back and forth between eating junk foods and healthy eating, trying to find a balance.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 7th house: These are more "other centered" Gemini rising, but the 7th house is all about how you relate to other people. The people close to you, I mean, like love partners and best friends. Generally, they prefer a partner or best friend who is Mercury-like, meaning that they are rather analytical and logical, but not always orderly and somewhat scattered. Sometimes relationships tend to be rationalized and intellectualized, rather than on an emotional level. Intimate people/s are varied and come in and out of his/her life.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 8th house: A more introverted Gemini rising, but that does not take away with the love of learning, especially with Mercury in the 8th house. A more private Gemini rising, but these ones really enjoy probing and going deeper more like a Scorpio. These Gemini risings are able to focus their mind and specialize in what they like best. They are able to probe and go to the heart of things, making them extremely detailed. There may be an interest in psychology, occult matters, anthropology, archaeology, death and dying, biology, criminal justice, ancient civilizations etc.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 9th house: These Gemini risings are very academic and come across as very smart, but unlike the ones with Merc in the 3H, they are big picture oriented. They like to see the trees before they see the leaves. There may be an interest in sociology, philosophy, and religion, among an interest in many other subjects. There is also an interest in foreign languages and an aptitude towards them. An interest in foreign cultures. Good placement for traveling overseas. These Gemini risings want to see it all and learn about it all.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 10th house: What they know is what they do. This is a good placement for a career in teaching, journalism, being an author, research, media work ( like being on the news and writing for a news website, etc ), etc.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 11th house: These Gemini rising people are very friend oriented. They have many acquaintances, but a few friends that they are emotionally close to. Adds idealism and creativity to the personality and possibly there is a strong humanitarian streak as well. Groups are important to this Gemini rising and they like to belong to many groups that serve there varied interests.
Gemini rising, Mercury in the 12th house: Very intelligent, yet has trouble communicating his/her thoughts. Possible social anxiety disorder. Shy and introverted Gemini risings. Thought oriented people yet are better communicating behind the scenes ( radio ) or in writing.

CANCER RISING: Cancer is the "mama" of the zodiac, so these people come off as rather nurturing and sensitive. Even the men with this placement are sensitive, even if they initially try to hide it with tough exteriors. Even some women with Cancer rising can be like that; tough at first but are soft on the inside. It all depends upon you.
Cancer rising can be very defensive, whether they are the tough-at-first type or the type that is just soft and nurturing all around. Emotions are big in their everyday life. Moods are up, down and all around, and this can be difficult for Cancer rising people to think clearly and objectively in times of crisis. They are not leaders, unless other factors in the chart denote to.
Cancer differs from Pisces and Scorpio. While Scorpio is philosophic and wise, and Pisces is idealistic and creative, Cancer is practical and it gets the job done. ( Not to say Scorpio and Pisces can't either. ) Cancer is cardinal; it's a self-starter. Even though these people are sensitive, they have a good work ethic and are practical in everyday matters.
Cancer rising people come across as very caring and nurturing, but they can be defensive when rubbed the wrong way.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 1st house: With the Moon in their 1st house, emotions play an even bigger role than the Cancer rising alone. The Moon adds a greater need to be nurturing and motherly. The person here has a strong need to be a good mother or father, or become one someday if they are not already. If they are young, they do want to become a parent someday and dream of caretaking for an infant. They can be very moody and defensive when they are in a bad mood, and emotions run very high it is hard to think objectively.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 2nd house: With the moon here, these Cancer risings are fixated on their own material and money making skills. They are not money hungry, but in order to be emotionally stable, they need to have a good amount of money in the bank. This is why they are such good workers ( generally speaking ). It is essential for them to have good self esteem and having money/possessions is a determining factor in all of that. And it's not a bad thing, as long as it's in moderation. If the moon is afflicted to Jupiter or Neptune, there might be some unnecessary spending.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 3rd house: Cancer risings of this type enjoy talking/writing/communicating about their feelings. They like to "talk it out" or they might keep a diary of their lives, even if they don't write in it everyday. They are not always the moodiest of Cancer risings, though, and that is a good thing. Generally, they are rather positive. Good placement for creative writing, or writing children's books. Enjoys talking and communicating with children.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 4th house: The Moon is at "home" here. These Cancer risings are very private and family-oriented. Adds sensitivity and emotionalism, but emotions are kept private. They are not always known. These people may be the ones with the tough exterior, but are soft once you get to know them more. Family is of high importance to them and they are very loyal to their families. They like to have a sense of pride ( or shame ) of their family. They like to nurture and cater to the family's needs. Possible placement for a home maker or someone who enjoys cooking family meals. It is important for these Cancer risings to think of themselves sometimes or they will go crazy.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 5th house: These Cancer risings are highly self-expressive with their emotions and they want everyone to know it. Their emotions are like a roller coaster-- up and down, and they love to experience it and want other people too. And if you don't, then you are cold hearted. ( Not really, though ). They like attention.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 6th house: These Cancer risings enjoy serving people and it's part of their personality. Moon in the 6th on its own denotes an emotional need to work and you do not need to be a Cancer rising to feel that way. However, part of working and helping other people is a part of their personality. Working with food or in health care is a way for them to express themselves. They probably work with a lot of women.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 7th house: These Cancer risings are very other oriented. There is always an emotional need to be with someone, even if it just anyone. It's wise to be careful with whom they are with, so they don't end up with a low life. These Cancer risings are very romantic and dream of the perfect love/relationships. It is hard for them to let go of a relationship that is simply not working. It is better to be single than to be unhappy in a relationship.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 8th house: These Cancer risings can be very moody and critical, but their emotions are private. You have to know them very well to see the emotions. They are not going to talk about their emotions or tell them to you if they don't know you well enough. They don't want everyone in the world to know how they are feeling, because they know that emotions can make them vulnerable. These may be the types that are tough on the outside and soft on the inside. They have an intuitive understanding of other people and know when friends are fake. These Cancer risings may find it hard to leave a bad relationship, but are able to. They are very private and loners.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 9th house: These Cancer risings take pride in a love of learning and having a world view. They are tolerant and open minded, but their world view is not as objective because emotions are definitely involved. These people's opinions are very emotional and they can be defensive if you do not agree with them. There is an emotional need to travel.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 10th house: This can mean many things. My aunt has Cancer rising with Moon in the 10th house, and she takes being as a housewife as her public image. Yes, this can be one way it can manifest-- being a mother or a caretaker as a public image. Being in the caring or food fields can be your image. Nutritionists, nurses, social workers, dietary aides, cooks, chefs, etc.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 11th house: Especially if the Cancer rising is a guy, he is popular among the ladies. There tends to be more female friends than male friends in general, and the native may want to join groups and organizations that are geared towards women, mothers and children. The person has many acquaintances but a few friends. Friends are important and are seen as family.
Cancer rising, Moon in the 12th house: These Cancer risings are shy, but insightful and spiritual. They do not parade their emotions, but they are deeply intuitive and sensitive. It is easy to hurt their feelings. They like to work behind the scenes and prefer not to have the spotlight on them.


  1. Thank you so much for all the information.I am single 23 year old Cancer rising guy.Moon is my favorite planet.I love to STARE at moon as much as I can.It feels great.I have moon in the 10th house.I think about my professional image and advancing my career as much as I can.

  2. I have to say this,Sarah you are beautiful.

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