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Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Kidz: Gemini Moon

“I think.”

The Gemini Moon child likes to talk. Even if they are quiet at school or in public ( say if they have a Capricorn rising, Pisces rising, or a Virgo rising to name a few ), they talk talk talk at home. At home, they feel safe when they talk and speak their mind.

He likes to talk about everything under the sun… whether it be the neighbors cat ( and how dumb it is ), the kooky old man across the street, what the President does, and/or why things are the way they are. He asks a lot of questions; sometimes annoying, sometimes not. He has the gift of the gab.

She is curious and inquisitive. It’s almost in her nature. You will find that she might not care if she hurts anyone’s feelings. She thinks her views are as objective as anyone else’s.

He has a lot of friends and he never runs out of conversation with them. He is always surrounded by a group of friends. If he’s the quiet type, he has a few friends at his side who always intellectually stimulate him.

She is very smart, but sometimes has a hard time focusing in school. There may be attention issues. She may have a hard time keeping her attention on one thing and she gets bored very very easily. One day she’s interested in learning about dinosaurs and the next day she wants to know about the human body, so you take her to an exhibit.

He is a talented writer. He may be good at fantasy stories with the Moon in Gemini, or he may be good at writing in general. His penmanship is possibly neat, or it may be cluttered and disorganized.
She needs constant stimulation in her life for it to be interesting. If there is not, then she gets bored and restless. There may be issues with anxiety. You may notice a worrying attitude with her. She can be very nervous when things do not go her way.

Sometimes he can be accused of being detached when it comes to emotions, but he prefers to intellectualize them. That does not mean you will not get an occasional temper tantrum at the store.

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  1. My sun and mercury is square pluto as well so im the quiet type. But i do LOVE to talk. jupiter in 3rd house make it worse"